Chennas Dinesan Namboothiripad

Born in Puzhakkara Chennas Mana, a family comprising of ‘Thantris’, he learned the rites and rituals at a very early age. His innate passion to acquire more knowledge and to go deep in the subject, made him join The Thantra Vidya Peetam. As he stepped out of the Vidyapeetam after rigorous and extensive learning, he joined his paternal Uncle Sri Chennas Parameswaran Namboothiripad, the then Thantri of Guruvayoor and started performing all Thantric rituala and Poojas of Guruvayoor.

He, at the age of 19 independently performed for the first time Utsavam and Utsava Bali in Guruvayoor and Sahrasakalasam in Matunga KochuGuruvayoorappan Temple .He carried out the important Prathishta/Consecration in Dombivli Ponnu Guruvayoorappan Temple, Mysore Ayyappaswamy Temple, Kolkotta Guruvayoorappan Temple and Chavakad Dwaraka Vishnu Temple.

He also had the good fortune to do the ‘Punapradishta’ in Punnokavu Bhagavathy Temple,Parthasaradhy Temple, Vengidangu Sankara Narayana Temple, Mammiyoor Siva Temple and Kothakulangara Bhagavathy Temple. After having been invited to be the Thantri of the famous Attukal Temple in Trivandrum he performed there, for the first time in the history of Kerala, a very rare and the most elongated ritual (14 hrs) “Dravyavarthy”.

His in-depth knowledge in the subject and impeccable style in performance brought him several recognitions and prominent among those were the “Thantric Brihaspathy” Citation and “Acharya Retna Award” constituted by the Pazhassi Trust and presented by the President of India. His quest to acquire deeper knowledge in Tantric Science prompted him to do a thesis on the subject and to obtain a Doctorate in the same.

He believes the intensity of the aura (Chaithanyam) in and around the idol is of prime importance. It is natural for the aura to overflow or radiate when idols are consecrated by great Yogis and Rishis. An example is the Guruvayur Temple itself where the idol is said to have been worshiped by Vasudevar. Such idols are rare in Kerala. The aura of idols in the temple overflow and flood not only the temple itself, but the entire surroundings as well.

It is paradoxical that time has stood still in Guruvayoor – the special and exclusive rites and rituals as laid down by the Greatr Sankaracharya is even now followed unaltered and unmodified and the Thantri plays a major role in implementing this. Since it is believed that the Aachaaryan/ Thantri's strict and sincere chanting of Mantras and Vedas and observance of the important rites and rituals with extreme discipline and strict adherence of a sanctified life style will not only enshrine the deity but will also glorify the Temple. He has been observing a life style in accordance with what is specified in the Thantra Samuchaya.


1) Thanthrika Brihaspathy. By Snehadoothu Charitable Society in July 2006

2) Doctrate in Tantric Science. By Open University Colombo in March 2008

3) ACHARYA RETNA. By Pazhassiraja Trust Award Recieved from President Of India in February 2010

Guruvayoor Temple